Hydrotriche hottoniiflora

Family: Scrophulariaceae. Distribution: Madagascar

Ebullience, indeed! This striking plant is putting on a real show. It is happening in the recently established 125 gallon aquaria located in Sonderegger Science Center Atrium, Edgewood College.

Fourteen inches above this open top aquaria is a ceiling hung, six foot long light strip with three 150W Metal Halide bulbs. Intense. This plant loves bright light and readily breaks the water surface with flower spikes unfolding delicate, white and yellow blooms. Their ascending submerged stems of delicate pine needle like leaves, define serpentine pathways before reaching surface. These lush patterns make it an ideal centerpiece.

Someone want to give it a try? I have cuttings galore. They will work in a 20H tank. If you don't have a setup to try this, you can borrow everything you need from my inventory of tanks and lights.

leaf detail

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