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Common Fishkeeping Myths

Fishkeeping Myths

There have been many common and potentially dangerous myths about fish keeping handed down from LFS to hobbyist for generations. In this article we are going to try to dispel some of the more common ones. This guide is aimed at beginners so that they do not fall foul of these myths. If anybody wants further information or discussion about these topics please feel free to search the board, or ask your own questions.

Carbon filters
There is no need to run carbon filter pads in your filter all of the time despite what the instructions in your new filter manual will tell you. Carbon is used to remove unwanted external chemicals from your tank and therefore the most common use of carbon is to remove medication from a tank after a course of treatment.

There is also the fact that carbon absorbs chemicals, but these absorbed chemicals can be replaced by other chemicals that are more readily absorbed by the carbon at a molecular level. Therefore there is a risk that old carbon in your filter can actually start leaching unwanted chemicals back into your tank. It is worth keeping a sealed carbon filter sponge in your fish cupboard for emergency use.

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