The Most Exotic Freshwater Fish Breeds

This post is to start off my sharing with you all my purchases and hobbies in the exotic fish section. You can view my collections and purchases even reviews at the right side area of my blog under " the most exotic freshwater fish "

Many people prefer exotic freshwater fish breeds to decorate their living room, while some people like to keep a variety of colorful tropical fishes in a fish tank or an aquarium as a hobby.

People like to keep the saltwater aquarium fishes out of hobby. There are also some people who just find it interesting to interact with a variety of small and delicate creatures like fishes.

Many people decorate their fish tank with colorful and exotic species that feature dazzling combinations and extraordinary markings on their bodies. This activity keeps them engaged and entertained.

Usually, there are a variety of beautiful fish breeds with interesting habits. It is amusing to watch them as the tiny creatures perform amazing actions. But be careful about the safety of these delicate creatures as they need protection from predators like cats and dogs.

Before making the final decision to buy exotic freshwater fish breeds, you need to understand a variety of factors. Consider the availability of all the necessary materials like an aquarium of the desired size, fish food, pebbles and corals for decoration, if desired.

You can place the fish tank in a logical place as per the size of your fish. It should be kept in mind that a tiny fish does not always remain small. It grows in a considerable time and needs timely pet care and nourishment.

Generally, people prefer to have exotic freshwater fish breeds as compared to the tropical fish breeds.  

The tropical fishes thrive in outdoor pools whereas the freshwater exotic fish breeds grow well indoor.

To name a few, you can adopt colorful fish breeds like: neon tetras, gourami, piranhas, pacus, Garibaldi damselfish and silver dollar fish. These are some of the most interesting fish breeds to watch, especially their sharp teeth that look amazing.

A variety of exotic fish breeds exhibit unusual and delightful habits like group dance and vigorous swimming. Sometimes, they scare the pet owners when they sleep besides other fishes in the aquarium which is fascinating to observe.

It must be noted that most of the exotic fish breeds are suited for life in captivity. On the other hand, some have particular necessities that make them hard to adopt the life of captivity. 

Consider these factors, before buying the exotic freshwater fish breeds and their proper habitat to understand their needs, origin and health.

Some readers have sent me a list of their favorite exotic fish breeds and here they are:

According to a businessman / fish hobbyist:
-Freshwater Flounder
-Freshwater Moray Eel
-Blue Crayfish
-Archer fish

According to a pet store owner:
-Green terror
-Rope Fish
-Chinese high fins
-Electric blues
-Green spotted puffers

According to a university student:
-Wolf Fish
-Motoro Rays

According to a friend:
-Jack Dempseys
-Peacock Bass

According to some pet store customers:
-Electric Blue Crayfish ( I guess we could consider this as a "fish")
- African Knife Fish
-Alligator Gar
- Pikes
- Flowerhorns
-Aparaima Giga
-Goldfish (?)
-Male Bettas ( how about females?)
- Garra Rufas
- African Butterfly Fish ( very much agreed)

In my Opinion:
-Super Red Asian Arowanas
-Garra Rufas
-Kois (Metallic ones)
-Goliath Tiger Fish
- Anything with large predatory teeth as long as I don't get bitten
* My list never ends. I'm basically a fan of everything and anything relation to exotic freshwater fish

If you are a fan of these exotic freshwater fish, you are sure to enjoy reading my post about them. I will only post those that I have recently ordered and purchased. So prepare yourselves for a long array of pictures.


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