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Danio Information: Types and Breeding

If you're new to the aquarium hobby it's hard to think of any fish which could make a better choice for you than danios. Small, hardy, easy to care for, attractive to look at and always active, they're great pets, and they're not even very expensive. Fond of the upper levels of the aquarium which most other fish avoid, they fit in easily in community tanks and can make a superb addition to your aquarium.

Playful and highly sociable, danios are naturally happy in the aquarium environment, but they'll be at their happiest if you can supply them with strong currents, plants, and other items which give them things to do. Make sure they have plenty of space to move around. 

They enjoy darting about and chasing each other, though never aggressively. Omnivorous by nature, they will eat almost any food, but you should make sure they get plenty of vegetable matter (in the form of flakes or algae discs) in order to be healthy, and they enjoy live food for treats.

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