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Breeding Show Quality Guppies

There many, many different ways to involve yourself in the hobby of breeding guppies. Many people start out with an interest in the new fish they have acquired since they are beautiful and seem to reproduce with reckless abandon. 

Purchasing Guppy Breeding Stock

The first and most important thing to do is to acquire quality breeding stock. These are usually only found by a reputable guppy breeder. The guppies found in pet stores are usually commercially raised perhaps in Singapore (not specifically bred to be show quality) or are the culls from breeders' tanks (they may be labeled "Show Guppies", however this is a misnomer). In both cases the genetics inherit in these fish, which may be hybrids, usually take a lot of patience, tank space, work, and experience to create a line of fish that breed true and is truly regarded as "show" quality.

First of all, decide what colour suits you most personally. It is important to enjoy the beautiful characteristics of your particular fish - and you will be choosing this colour strain for possibly years to come! 

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