Welcome to All Aquarium Info, a tropical fish, freshwater aquarium information website! All Aquarium Info was designed for the beginner to the tropical fish keeping hobby. We try to present freshwater, and ALL aquarium information and aquarium care information in an easy to understand way so that more can enjoy this wonderful stress reliever that is known as fish keeping!

You are here in this site because of your interest in owning and maintaining an aquarium. So you are likely a fish enthusiast, like me. The world of fish is both fascinating and complex.

This site will help you to understand this watery world and teach you what you need to know to successfully setup and maintain a freshwater aquarium.

Of course, before you get started you should have a general knowledge of fish, their anatomy and biology, as well as a thorough understanding of their proper care and husbandry.

The two main types of aquariums are freshwater and saltwater (also known as marine) aquariums. The aquarium itself does not vary, only the type of water in the aquarium, and thus, your decision between a freshwater and a saltwater aquarium is primarily a matter of choosing what type of fish you want.

Freshwater aquariums do, however, allow for a greater fish capacity than do saltwater aquariums, and freshwater fish are cheap and easy to find. In addition, freshwater aquariums are also easier to maintain than are saltwater aquariums because you can use tap water to fill your tank.

Whichever type of aquarium you choose, you will need to monitor your aquarium to take care of your fish. The number one cause of aquarium fish deaths is poor water quality; thus your freshwater aquarium needs to provide filtration and aeration for fish.

Of course, aquariums are not just a responsibility (though they can help teach children responsibility); they are a lot of fun. Aquariums can provide a soothing atmosphere in your home and workplace, and they can also provide a learning experience for children and adults alike.

Successful fish-keeping gives you a sense of well-being and, dare I say it, pride! There is something quite unique about keeping fish, and being able to maintain a good environment for them; even seeing them breed unexpectedly.

It gives you a sense of achievement which I have never come across before. To call them pets seems inadequate, as they effectively live in a completely different world. They are a source of inspiration and tranquility to which other 'pets' cannot compare.

I hope you will read through this site and realize that fish-keeping can be a hobby for almost anyone, as long as the right processes are incorporated from the start.

I would highly recommend it. After several years of keeping fish I now have a marine tank and a tropical freshwater tank, both of which continue to inspire and amaze me every week.

So please, don't assume it's not for you. Once you get started it's so easy, and so rewarding. I couldn't be without mine now.

Have a read through the site and decide for yourself if you want to try it. To set up a new goldfish tank is really quite cheap, and I would recommend it as a starting point.

You can always move on to bigger and better things once you've found your feet. Also, it's always useful to go to your local storemo.png" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic" border="0" />
All Aquarium Info
was formed to offer a unique reference point on choosing and keeping aquarium fish.

All Aquarium Info was designed with you in mind. I remember the satisfaction it had given me whenever I was able to find useful information about fish keeping.

We wanted to make it easy for you to find out the facts about different kinds of fish together with advice on things like tank set-up, feeding, maintenance and disease control.

We realize that sometimes, when you're caring for fish, you need information in a hurry, and you don't have time to search the whole internet for it. Just bookmark our site for easy reference.

If you don't find what you're looking for here, we can help with that, too! Our Ask Our Experts section gives you the chance to submit your questions. It would be answered personally for FREE! This can be a great resource if you're facing an unusual problem.

All Aquarium Info takes aquarium management seriously and aims to give you the tools to do the best possible job. It's also a portal into a fascinating world of fishes where there's always more to discover.

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