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Rasbora Information: Care, Types and Breeding

Brightly coloured friendly and highly active, rasboras are an aquarium favourite. Their peaceful nature makes them a great choice for a community tank and their natural hardiness means that they're ideal starter fish for the beginner aquarist. They adapt well to aquarium conditions and can be delightful to watch.

Rasboras are schooling fish and are happiest in groups of six or more. Averaging about two inches in length, they get on well with other schooling fish of about the same size. For best results, keep them in a densely planted tank with plenty of hiding places. 

They like slightly acidic water, so bogwood is also a good choice, providing cover and lowering the pH of the water at the same time. Make sure there are some floating plants on the surface of the water so that your rasboras feel more secure. They can become distressed if directly exposed to bright light for too long.

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