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How To Breed Bettas / Siamese Fighting Fish

1. How to breed bettas

Some of you have been asking us through email and I have received the question for quite a number of time on where you can purchase affordable yet quality Bettas. Well, aside from the obvious answer which is Thailand (you can buy them there for an extremely cheap price), you can try sites like this oneOne of our writers purchased his Betta in that site. I would also recommend Aquabid but you should purchase from a recommended seller.
There are a few basic steps to breeding bettas. These steps are the general procedures for breeding and not absolute, meaning once you gain experience, you can vary the steps as you prefer.
1. Before breeding the bettas, choose the pair of male and female with the characteristics that you would like to see in the fries. A pair with similar colour and fin type will produce better results than a mixed pair (i.e. different colour, different fin type)

2. After that, the bettas have to be conditioned for breeding. Lots of live food will produce best results in a shorter time as compared to using processed food. Live food that can be used include bloodworms, tubifex worms and daphnias. Mosquitoes larvae are said to be the best food for conditioning but it is quite difficult to catch or culture these.  You can use other food like meat which are chopped up or small insects like fruit flies. Feed the pair more during this period of time. Feedings can be twice daily up to 4 times depending on amount of food at each feeding.

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