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Piranha Information: Care and Breeding

If you want to keep something really exciting in your tropical aquarium the chances are that you've thought about piranhas. With a reputation as one of the world's most fearsome fish, the piranha is actually quite shy by nature, but will become more confident if properly cared for. A naturally hardy fish, it makes a good choice for the beginner aquarist - provided, of course, that basic safety precautions are taken.

Piranhas are relatively big fish, growing to as much as twelve inches in length, and they need a fair amount of space to swim around, so make sure your aquarium is large enough for them. When young they prefer to live in shoals, but as they get older they become more solitary and territorial. Older piranhas who have not been raised together should not be kept together. They can be kept with larger fish of other species, but may occasionally bite them. Once they are fully grown they will generally leave much smaller fish alone, especially if they have been trained to accept non-live food.

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