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How To Clean And Maintain A Fish Tank

If you empty your fish tank you'll lose all the beneficial bacteria.For that reason I wouldn't start over, unless your tank is in extremely bad condition. With a little elbow grease and a few simple cleaning supplies your aquarium can be ship shape again. Here's what you'll need:

Algae scraper/pad
Razor blade (plastic blade for acrylic tanks)
Water siphon
Lime remover/glass cleaner (made for aquariums)
Filter media
Filter brush
Old bath towels
Paper towels

I suggest cleaning your aquarium in the following order:

Inside glass
Decorations (rocks, plants, etc)
Outside glass and fixtures

Algae Pads/Scrapers
Start by giving the glass a good cleaning on the inside with an algae pad. There are a wide variety of algae scrapers on the market, from long handled scrubbers to magnetic scrubbers. I personally like small magnetic scrubbers, but virtually any algae pad will do. Is it necessary to purchase algae pads at a pet shop instead of the the housewares department of a regular store? Although they may look the same, the housewares pads can have soap or chemical residue. That reside doesn't matter if you are cleaning your kitchen sink, but it can be lethal to your fish.

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