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Breeding and Care, Maintenace of Garra Rufa, Doctor Fish

To start off read this post if you haven't, so you could understand more.

I would like to clarify the myth that Garra Rufa ( Doctor Fish ) are hard to take care of. First of all this is not true. Most spas have employees that sometimes do not know anything about fish care. However they are given short seminars and they are able to raise the Garra Rufa and even make them thrive in spas.

The picture in the right is an example of atypical habitat of Garra Rufas when they live in a spa.
Sometimes, they do not generally stay there. They are only place in that container when there is someone who is in need of this fun service that only Garra Rufas can provide.

Garra Rufas are hardy, meaning they are easy to raise and care for with a few minor considerations and knowledge about the basic fish keeping skills.

Garra Rufa origin and family:
Garra Rufas originated in turkey and they prefer warmer waters. As with all tropical fish, they thrive well in tanks with heaters. However this could also be optional depending on your location. They belong to the family Cyprinidae.

Garra Rufa tank
 When deciding what size of tank is suitable for Garra Rufas, it is important that you should know about some basic rules.
See this post for more info:

The rule is that 1 inch of fish per gallon. This is not entirely true. A 15 inch fish would not be able to live in a 15 gallon tank. For Garra Rufas, they usually prefer to bein small groups with 6 or more inhabitants. The starting tank for them is around 10 gallons, provided you maintain it clean.

Garra Rufa setup:
As for setup, I strongly recommend keeping it in a set-up designed to resemble a flowing river with a substrate of variably-sized rocks, gravel and some large water-worn boulders. 

This can be further furnished with driftwood branches arranged to form a network of nooks, crannies and shaded spots for this inquisitive fish to explore. At night it also tends to choose a particular cave or sheltered area in which to sleep.You can also pace hardy plants like Java ferns, or Anubias.  

A rivertank manifold could also be constructed to provide naturalistic unidirectional flow. Be sure to cover the aquarium well as Garra species are prone to jumping or even climbing the glass and can escape through the tiniest of gaps. 

This behaviour is usually most pronounced when the fish are first added to a new aquarium and some have speculated it may be related to them investigating the confines of their environment. 

They also like to swim directly into the stream of powerheads or filters, or any other source of flow entering the tank e.g. when changing water. The set up is optional for people who would like to see them in a more naturalistic background for breeding or care purposes. However if you would like to maintain them for spa use then you could use a tank that is bare.

Garra Rufa feeding and Diet:
Garra Rufas are not picky eaters. they originate from a place where there is little food. You can feed them flakes and other variety diet. You could also purchase specialized Garra Rufa food to make everything easier, and more cleaner since they are specially formulated to suit the needs of Garras.

Sometimes Garra Rufas may also need vitamins to ensure that they are healthy. This is optional to those who wants to breed Garra Rufas.

Breeding Garra Rufas:
Only healhy Garra Rufas can be bred. If they are not conditioned well, chances are you will not succeed. This does not happen only in Garra Rufas but with all species of fish with the exception of livebearers.

When the fish come into spawning condition individual pairs are selected and moved to smaller, 80 litre, tanks also containing running water which is extracted directly from source via a tube well and has a conductivity of 80 µS, pH close to neutral. 

It enters the spawning chambers through a spraybar suspended above the surface and exits through a tube fitted into the base which appears to be covered with a gauze-like material to prevent eggs and fry being sucked out. 

Eggs are deposited early in the morning and if fertile appear totally transparent with a diameter of  ~1.5-1.8mm. 

They hatch in 24-30 hours and the fry derive nourishment from their yolk sacs for another 72 hours or so after which they are fed an egg yolk suspension. In around a week they are large enough to accept Artemia nauplii and once they reach a size of 15mm or so, the same diet as the adults. I believe that highly-oxygenated, flowing water stimulates both feeding and growth in the young fish. 

Caring and Maintenance for Garra Rufa can probably be done by everyone. However breeding is another thing and you will need experience.

I hope you have learned a lot from this post:

This post is about: Care, Maintenance, Feeding, Tanks for Garra Rufas , Doctor Fish

This post is NOT sponsored in any way.

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Where to buy Garra Rufa , Doctor Fish and Other Information

Remember my visit to the spa last time? Yes? If not then you can read about it HERE. In case some of you still don't know what a fish spa is, it is quite simple. All you have to do is buy or acquire some Garra Rufa, have a container or presumably a tank and then you now have your mini spa at home. Trust me maintenance isn't that hard but we'll get to that as you continue to read.

To start things off, this is where I was able to acquire my Garra Rufa ( Doctor Fish ) 

They also have a variety of other fish, exotics even, which I purchased and am planning to have more. You can read more about them in my post in the right side part under the " most exotic freshwater fish " section.

This post would include:

  • Where to buy Garra Rufa
  • Shipping of Garra Rufa
  • What I bought and some additional information

Ok, moving on, I wanted to have my own fish spa so badly ever since that experience with the Garra Rufas, Doctor fish, whatever you want to call them so I contacted the company that the spa referred me to and guess what? It has been the best thing I have ever done in my life.

The customer service was great and they accommodated me with my order of the fish ( Garra Rufa) which I wanted! Their contact and help support is also unbelievably helpful and informative! I couldn't be more happier! But wait there's more, I was able to avail to a VIP card that they give out to frequent customers or people who had purchased a large order. I think the spa I went to has this VIP card also after their second order, but I was able to luckily have it on the first order.

Anyway, they have a lot of Garra Rufa available , some of them are adults already, juveniles  and fry. I got a few adult Garra Rufas to try my skills in breeding them and a lot of juvenile ones enough for my large tank I specifically bought for this indulgence and also some fry for just the sheer sake of my curiosity because I wanted to see what they would look like if I had successfully bred the adult Garra Rufas I bought. The picture in the right is the shipment of the fry. it was actually shipped separately from the rest. 

Here are some of the juvenile Garra Rufa ones I bought: I'm planning to breed them also once they grow up.
So I would first start explaining everything in order. From where I bought Garra Rufa, how much I bought it for, to how it arrrived ( Garra Rufa packaging ), how I cared for it and even tried to bred it.

So when I contacted Global Aquatics and explained them of my needs, they immediately reserved and conditioned my order of Garra Rufa ( Doctor Fish ) after I successfully confirmed it. Each Garra Rufa cost $3.49. 

They offered me free shipping! What's great about them is that unlike most suppliers they offer health certifications and informative manual and brochures. They also make feeding your Garra Rufa easier by offering free special formulated food that will last for a long time. If you run out you could just buy another one from them but for me since I have been keeping fish for a long time, I think I could find some alternative food. It's wise to order the Doctor Fish food before your supply runs out.

Packing of Garra Rufa ( Doctor Fish )
  • All the bottom seams are sealed to prevent fish from getting trapped in a plastic pocket.
  • The airspace is evacuated and filled with oxygen and each bag is sealed with quadrouple bands to prevent leaks.
  • Each sealed bag is placed inside another bag with a separate quadrouple banded closure to ensure against leaks
  • Then all bags of fish are surrounded by a third large sealed bag, a thick styrofoam chest with temperature control packs and a heavy cardboard box to protect the chest from shipping damage.
Here is the shipment I received to make it clear and more accurate rather than just describing it: 

The fish is shipped securely as you can see in the picture in the left. First layer is a sturdy corrugated carton box. The box was printed specifically for live fish delivery. It has a picture of a fish and the " Live Fish" writing in both sides.

Aside from that a thick styrofoam is found inside the carton box to provide extra insulation for the fish making it more comfortable for travel.

As you can see the styrofoam in the left is ideal for shipping. Just the right size for my shipment and is sealed properly to avoid any untoward accidents that may happen to the shipment.

You have probably seen the same  thing in some pet shops especially if they have new deliveries and stocks. 

It should also be thick to withstand pressure.

In my next post, I would show you how to care for Garra Rufa. Most of the information I would be posting there comes from the instructional manuals and brochure that I got from Global Aquatics together with my shipments.

The coverage is where you would be able to keep your Garra Rufa comfortably. Feeding them and a few reminders about maintenance.

If I'm lucky I would also be able to show you soon a video of my Garra Rufas breeding. Although I suspect that wouldn't be anywhere near it as I am doing extensive research before I try anything in breeding as i don't want to be disappointed and waste various resources.

This post is NOT sponsored in any way

This post is about: Where to buy Garra Rufa or Doctor Fish and other information.

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