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Gourami Information: Types, Care and Breeding

Bright active and always entertaining, gouramis are extremely appealing little fish who also have the advantage of being naturally hardy and easy to look after. Playful, energetic and happiest in large shoals, they fit in well in any aquarium with suitably sized companions.

Gouramis like a well planted tank with slightly acidic water and are happiest when they have plenty of hiding places, though they'll also need free swimming space to dart about. 

Though they're generally peaceful, the males can be quite territorial when they're ready to breed, so it's best not to keep more than one male unless you've got enough room for each to establish his own territory; however, gouramis are shoaling fish and large numbers of females can be kept together without problems. They are friendly by nature and will get along well with any non-aggressive tankmates.

Gouramis are very easy to feed and will eat almost anything they're given, though for best results you should ensure that they have a varied diet. Flakes, freeze dried foods and live foods are all suitable provided that they are an appropriate size for these fish's small mouths.

Gouramis have labyrinth organs which enable them to breathe air efficiently from the surface; you should therefore not be worried if you see them gasping at the top of the tank. It's important to ensure that they always have access to the surface.

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