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Killifish Information: Care, Diet and Breeding

Brilliantly coloured and highly active, killifish are an enduringly popular choice for the tropical aquarium. They're highly adaptable and comparatively hardy, with varieties suitable to almost every kind of tank set-up. Happy in large shoals but mostly too small to need a lot of space per individual, they're easy to please and easy to be pleased by.

Peaceful Nature

Killifish are generally peaceful by nature and can get along well in community tanks with other small or non-aggressive fish. The males can however, be aggressive towards each other, so it's best to keep just one male per killifish species per aquarium, and to avoid keeping species which look similar. Any number of females will be happy together. 

Killifish prefer a well-planted tank with lots of hiding places, and you should make sure that the hood is secure, as many of them like to jump. They're happiest in fairly shallow water with some floating plants to obscure the surface. 

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